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About Brief Travel Histories


Read Them in 2 Hours, Reference Them in 5 Minute

Brief Travel Histories has been developed to supply the busy traveler with brief and easily accessible historic information about the country they are visiting which can be accessed via smart phone or eBook reader from their destination. Armchair travelers can also benefit from these concise histories and quick references.

Travel Guides will give you a very brief overview of a destination's history failing to mention many events and making no clear distinctions between historic periods; only telling you about the history of major historic sites. To really enrich your trip a basic understanding of the countries history is needed so you can better understand all of the historic sites you see - not just the major ones - and place the museum displays that you see in an historic context.

All travelers would benefit from an overview of the history of the country they are visiting - but few have the time to read a history book before they travel.

Brief Travel Histories can help! In just 2 hours or less you can read about the complete past of a European country from the Stone Age to the present. These eBooks are formatted into standard historical periods with corresponding date ranges.

Be sure to check out the Free Report page to receive a report identifying these periods and date ranges.

These histories also serve as a quick reference which puts historic information at your fingertips while you are traveling! Choose the historic period and date range you want by clicking on the appropriate chapter heading in the table of contents, you will be brought to the chapter's title page where you can click on subheadings which can be read in 5 minutes or less. As an example if you were visiting the Sistine Chapel in Rome and wanted to look up information on the Italian Renaissance you could do so by clicking the appropriate chapter from the table of contents of the Brief Travel History of Italy then from the chapter's title page find a subheading on the Renaissance in Rome that can be read in less than 3 minutes.

Today travelers pack lighter, this includes the travel information they take with them. Travel Guides, itineraries , maps, translators, cameres, alarm clocks and more are packed into smart phones which are then conveniently put into travelers pockets. So when your are packing your smart phone - don't forget to pack a Brief Travel History


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The Acropolis of Athens, Greece